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Incredible Temple Architecture of Ancient India - Part 1

The architectural brilliance of India's temples, built at a time when there were no cranes, trucks, or mechanical tools, hold up a rich cultural heritage to this day.

Here are some magnificent ancient temples in North India:

Bhitargaon Temple


Dating to the 5th century AD, the Bhitargaon Temple, is one of the oldest ancient brick temples with a high shikhara (spire) which paved the way for an elaborate style of temple architecture in North India.

The walls of the temple are decorated with terracotta sculptures of gods and goddesses Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, and Vishnu on panels separated by bold ornamental pilasters.

Mundeshwari Devi Temple

Built in AD 108, the Mundeshwari Devi Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Shakti and is considered one of the oldest functional Hindu temples in India. It is located at a height of 608 feet on the Mundeshwari Hills of Kaimur Plateau.

The temple, built of stone, is of a rare octagonal plan. There are windows on four sides and small niches for the reception of statues on the remaining four walls.

The Lakshman Temple

One of the finest works of brick architecture from ancient India, the Lakshman Temple, was built during the Kosala dynasty by Queen Vasata. The 7th-century temple is famous for its unique symmetry, precise construction, and intricate carvings.

The Ambaji Temple

The Ambaji Temple is the principal shrine of goddess Arasuri Amba, worshiped since the pre-Vedic period. The temple was originally built by Nagar Brahmins.

There is a niche in the inner wall of the temple with an inscription of the Viso Yantra, a Vedic text on sacred geometry.

Dwarkadhish Temple

The Dwarkadhish Temple is dedicated to lord Krishna. The original temple was built at least 2000 years ago and expanded in the 15th-16th century. Its exquisitely carved shikhara reaches 43 meters high.

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